Cancer Anonymous Support (TISSCAS) 's PledgePage

We are team of five students from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS Mumbai) enrolled in the Masters programme specialising in Social Work in Mental and Public Health.During the course of our study,our interactions with cancer patients, their families and care givers, it was observed that no matter how strongly and positively they deal with the experience, they and the people associated with them undergo some degree of trauma which they either keep it in denial or bottled up.This not only takes away the peace of mind but may also lead to unproductivity if it is not channelized properly. Cancer Anonymous Support or TISSCAS is a campaign by us which acts as a safe space to express and channelize your experiences,feelings, insecurities, strengths and acknowledges the fact that you have dealt and survived, helped a friend or a family dealing with cancer or who had undergone the journey of cancer. By pledging your support to this campaign, you become an anonymous and important part of this campaign and vow to NOT STIGMATIZE people with cancer and become a part of the support network that helps them and their families to come out of the distress. Join us in our mission, all we request is a little time (a couple of hours maximum) and compassion from you to be a friend to them and their families. You can also express and write/vent out to us for hours via mail or on call or write it out in the form of a story, a snippet or a photoseries which guarantees your anonymity. Let's break the conventional idea and pledge our support to destigmatize and support people who are or have dealt with any form of cancer and their immediate circle of persons.This is a pledge to stop othering them and stand along with them in times of need.